StewCast 3.12: The Space Haters Return Edition

On this week’s StewCast Kevin, Dave and Burner discuss what’s going on in sports and entertainment.

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This week we put flowers in our hair:

  • Movie theaters are discussed in depth, movies not as much.
  • Lesbian Topanga joins Gus Fringe in the Stewcast LGBT pantheon.
  • Girls become our world.
  • The most recent episode of The Walking Dead is found to lack…something…
  • All three major sports, surprisingly, are discussed.
  • The Genius of Kevin squares off against the genius of Mike Tice.
  • Kevin reverses his position on the actor who plays Ziggy on The Wire, no you go look up his name.

All that and Dave attempts make the Wii U into a success through sheer will alone.

ESPN and The Princess Bride?  Incontheivable!

Stew Over it!


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