The StewOver Podcast 1.0: Tuna Boat Kickstarter Edition

On this week’s StewOver Podcast Ed, Dave, Chas, and Burner discuss movies, TV, and technology.

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This week we begin anew:

  • Dave takes a pass on thick British accents.
  • We digress on a little loved or remembered video game.
  • We give Roland Emmerich casting advice for his Independence Day sequals.
  • Chas introduces a new kind of timelessness.
  • We get all Matthew Broderick on Medieval Times

  • Ed reveals that he watched The Office finale before everyone else.
  • Everyone agrees that Parks and Rec is great and Mona Lisa Saperstein is the worst.
  • We debut a new feature, Breaking News with Ed (may have already been renamed Breaking News to Ed).
  • The Nintendo Minute brings out mixed feelings in the group.
  • We debute the new Sports Minute.
  • Conflicting opinions arise during Recommendations.

All that and we make bold promises for the future of StewOver.

Stew Over it!


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