The StewOver Podcast 2.0:The Karate Kid Drives a Monster Truck Edition

On this week’s StewOver Podcast Ed, Dave, Chas, and Burner discuss movies, TV, and technology.

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This week we front load Dave’s favorite topics:

  • We discover Ed’s complicated relationship with John Rhys Meyers.
  • We discuss the Crypt Keeper’s new movie, Last Vegas.
  • There is universal love for Jordan Peele’s Obama impersonation.

  • Ed celebrates the joys of living in Indiana
  • We discuss the Google Glassholes taking over San Francisco
  • We have another exciting round of Sports Debate with Ed and Chas (soon to be renamed)

All that and we experience the many dramatic mic collapses of Ed.

Here is the Slate article on sensory deprivation chambers, “Embracing the Void”

BONUS! As promised Rolando McClain’s fantastic perp walk photo.


Stew Over it!


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