Riot Fest Preview: Headliners

Today we’ll look at the bands at the top of the Riot Fest bill. As excited as I am about Riot Fest, the headliners for this years show are only somewhat intriguing to me. Let’s hop in and see what we find.

No Doubt
The top headliner is a band I always respected more than I listened to. They obviously have a deep catalog of very popular stuff. Their pop punk/ska sound is pretty unique and obviously having the beautiful Gwen Stefani as your lead singer means people will pay attention to you. I never owned a No Doubt album (even Tragic Kingdom) and the band is probably most memorable to me as the band every girl wanted to sing in Rock Band. My favorite song of theirs is “Trapped in a Box” from their first album (it was also on their greatest hits). Back then they had more of a ska then pop sound.

System of a Down
Not originally announced with the lineup but heavily suspected, System of a Down is another band that I never owned any of their music. I think like a lot of people I lumped them into the dreadful Nu-Metal category of some of their peers when they got big. I enjoyed “Chop Suey!” as much as the next guy they just weren’t ever at the top of my list for bands I needed to see. Over the past few weeks, however, I’ve been doing a bit of a deep dive on their stuff and I’m more and more excited to see them. They’ve very political (which I didn’t realize originally) and they’ve high energy. I’ve heard mixed thing on their live shows so that leaves me a little apprehensive, but if they’re playing unopposed one night I’ll probably sneak over and see how they sound.

Modest Mouse
If I never hear “Float On” again in my life it will be too soon. Hard pass.

Faith No More
Xgames CD
I really wanted to like Faith No More. I love the song “Epic” which appears on one of my favorite childhood CD’s, The X-Games, Vol. 1. Take a look at that track listing! “Higher Ground” by the Chili Peppers, “Guilty” by Gravity Kills, “Fight for Your Right (to Party)”, and an incredibly underrated cover of “Paranoid” by Megadeth. The hits keep on coming!!! I loved this album so much. I’d listen to this while playing X-Games for the PlayStation or while driving my mom’s Toyota Corolla at dangerous speeds. This whole thing is high school to me and the end track is “Epic” by Faith No More. Long story short, the rest of Faith No More’s stuff kind of sucks.

The Prodigy
Did you know that at the end of the video for “Smack My Bitch Up” it was actually a woman the whole time? #spoileralert.

That’s about all I know about The Prodigy. Just not my type of music.

Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop
Alright, finally we get to the good stuff. As weird and old and skinny and shirtless as he is, he’s awesome. I’m very much looking forward to Iggy Pop at Riot Fest. The stuff he did with the Stooges is legendary and his solo stuff is great too. Plus, any time you can see the DJ of Liberty Rock Radio 97. 8 from GTA IV in person you have to do it.

Snoop Dogg
I probably would have swung by Snoop’s set just to see what it was like, but once I heard that Doggystyle was being played in full it’s now a must see show.

Tenacious D
jack black
I’m not sure there’s a human being on earth I find more annoying than Jack Black. Unless he’s dressing up in drag in a Foo Fighters video or teaching a girl he wants to bang how to lit a fire I want nothing to do with him.

Next up in my Riot Fest preview, we’ll take a look at some of the newer generation of punk artists I’ll be looking forward to seeing. Let me know in the comments if you’re excited by any of this year’s headliners!

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