About Stew Over

A few brave people once decided to create a fantastic website with articles from an array of smart, creative and funny people with a wide range of interests and professions.

That website goes by the name “Stew Over”  and you’ve found it. Congratulations!

We’re excited about all the phenomenal content we’re going to share with you about movies, television, booze, music, science, games, travel, and whatever else we can come up with. We hope to entertain, inform, and converse about all of those topics and more.

Comment on the articles, follow us on Google+ and Facebook, and email us if there’s something you want to hear about:

everybody [AT] stewover [DOT] com


Stew Over: Editor-in-chief  / co-founder

Day job: Insurance professional

Dave is a co-founder of Stew Over. He also co-founded Now Loadin’ with Chas and will continue to write about video games. Besides games, on Stew Over you’ll hear about his other interests: sports, music, movies, television shows (including reality TV, what?), books, running, and anything else that comes to his brilliant mind.


Stew Over:  Chief Nobody / co-founder

Day job: Marketing creative

Chas works at an agency.  No one really knows what he does there once he enters the building.  Some say he does digital strategy for Fortune 500 companies, some say he drinks beer and passes out on an exercise ball, some think it’s both.


Stew Over: Senior Editor

Day job:  Database Guy

Burner is a lactose intolerant who loves cheese, good beer, and cheap whiskey. He loves to take pictures, travels as much as his meager earnings will allow (most recently to China), reads a lot, and watches TV even more. He currently lives in Denver with his common law wife and his two hounds.


Stew Over: Editor

Day job: Professional Cellist

Ed currently resides in the “Jewel of the Midwest” aka Fort Wayne, IN.  He grew up in the Chicago ‘burbs with most of these Stew Over clowns and went to college with the rest.  He plays a mean cello and makes his living playing classical music in an orchestra.  When he’s not blowing people’s minds with his sublime sounds he is watching movies and playing video games with the crew on this site.

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