Don’t Eat Nostalgically May29

Don’t Eat Nostalgically

Today, with my wife out of town, I made a poor decision.  Wandering around the grocery store, I cruised past the frozen pizza and an item from my childhood leapt out at me from the freezer case, french bread pizza.   For those who grew up deprived of this culinary masterpiece it...

Pesto Without the Food Processor Jul24

Pesto Without the Food Processor

The simple fact of the matter is that food processors, however useful they may be, are a great big pain in the ass to clean, with all those odd angles and sharp pieces. Not to mention it’s mostly plastic and thus takes forever to dry. This becomes especially infuriating when...

Beyond the BBQ: Summer Seafood Boils Jul17

Beyond the BBQ: Summer Seafood Boils

Any god-fearing American can grill up a hot dog or sear a few hamburgers over open flame.  Any butthead can host a BBQ.  If you’re looking to make real memories… it’s time to boil. Beyond the BBQ: Summer Seafood Boils Great choices for summer boils include blue crabs, crawfish and shrimp. The last boil  I did was crawfish and they were shipped live from Louisiana from this site – spectacular. Popular in the Gulf and the East Coast, blue crab boils can be a thing of beauty – if you’re willing to put in the work. For blue crab virgins, the first encounter can be pretty intimidating. Lets put it this...