Mad Men: A Little Kiss

For anyone who says that America doesn’t have a fine sense of irony — I’m looking at you, England — consider Mad Men. In an age of video streamery and digital recording magickery, which turn commercial breaks into fast forward moments, we held our collective...

StewCast 2.4: Jennifer Lawrence’s Green Dress, Hunger Games, Returning TV Shows, Sports

On this week’s StewCast Burner, Dave, and Chas discuss what’s going on in sports and entertainment. This week: Chas joins us to talk all things Walking Dead. We cover returning shows and analyze NBC’s Thurday night line up. We update all of last weeks sports stories. Also #hashtagdiscussion All that plus Jennifer Lawrence’sĀ inappropriate-for-tweens dress! Subscribe to the StewCast Stew Over it! (rss2cat47): Play in new window | Download