Saturday at Lollapalooza Aug09

Saturday at Lollapalooza

January 27, 2009. That was the last day I saw Metallica in concert. When I heard they’d be headlining Lolla in Chicago this year, I knew I had to get tickets. Luckily Court was able to fight through the online wait system got lucky enough to get two. Even though Metallica wasn’t set to go on until 8:00, we decided to get to the fest by 12:45 as there were a number of other band we were interested in seeing. 12:45-1:30- Catfish and the Bottlemen Court was VERY excited for Catfish to start despite the fact that they are a band neither of us had heard of before. We discovered them once we knew we got tickets and were looking for...

Beyond Magnetic: Forgetting Lulu Aug06

Beyond Magnetic: Forgetting Lulu

When you spend your life telling people that Metallica is your favorite band, you tend to get a little defensive. People generally react negatively when I tell them this and even fans of the band don’t seem to completely understand. The general public has hated them since Napster...

I Celebrate Their Entire Collection: Metallica [Parental Advisory, Explicit Content] May07

I Celebrate Their Entire Collection: Metallica [Parental Advisory, Explicit Content]

[Welcome to the third installment of “I Celebrate Their Entire Collection,” Stew Over’s feature on the bands we love. I caution you, Tipper Gore would not approve of the language in today’s post.] It’s time to stop fucking around. Enough of this shit about love, and I’m tired of talking about hipster bands. The only Explosions Effect you’ll read about today is the one that blows your arms off. The only love you’ll experience is your heart’s final beats as a badass guitar solo melts your face. That’s right, kids, it’s time to talk about the best metal band in the entire fucking...