Wii U Release Details Sep14

Wii U Release Details

Yesterday, Nintendo released the majority of the details surrounding the launch of their sixth home console, the Wii U. Nintendo’s new¬†system promises HD graphics and the integration of a new tablet controller. As the Stew Over editor who is easliy the most excited about these developments, I’m here to bring you the highlights. Price and Release Date First things first, the release date. You can pick up the Wii U on Sunday, November 18th Next, price. There are two different bundles, but for all intents and purposes, the price is $350. Here are the other details: There is a “Basic” system that you can technically buy...

E3 Impressions: Nintendo’s Press Conference Jun06

E3 Impressions: Nintendo’s Press Conference

As the last of the three big game companies to present, Nintendo had a great chance to win E3. Both Microsoft and Sony were underwhelming and with so much on the line this show, Nintendo needed a blockbuster performance. Let’s see how they did. Pikmin 3: A++ This game looks...