NES Power Hour

A couple years ago, Tyler, Chas and I decided it would be a good idea to do a power hour and talk about Nintendo games while we recorded it. That first recording eventually turned into Now Loadin’, the video game site Chas and I ran before Stew Over. In other words, this is the beginning. Tyler went through the effort of syncing up the audio recording with the following video so that you can follow along with us. So go grab a shot glass, eight beers, and enjoy a trip down memory lane with us.

Top Ten: Drinking Games Jun12

Top Ten: Drinking Games

Summer’s finally here and soon you’ll find yourself at a BBQ, beach or maybe just your basement with some friends looking to have a good time. Today I’m going to take a quick look at some games you can play if you’re really looking to get college level drunk. I’ve always enjoyed drinking games. The competitive nature, the group setting, the beer. I don’t know if I’ll introduce you to any new games in this article, but these are my personal favorites. I did the majority of my drinking (at least in organized games) during college as is the case with most people. I still enjoy the occasional game, however, they...